Great Source for Affordable Chiropractic Anatomical Models and More

Hi everyone! I recently came across a site that I wanted to share with all of you. is an awesome site that offers some very cool and very affordable anatomical models, wall charts, gifts, and many other items you’ll want in your Chiropractic practices.

As the name suggests, they offer many high quality and affordable anatomical models. I was actually pretty blown away with the products offered. This isn’t your standard anatomical model site that offers 2 overpriced spine models and a few chiropractic relevant wall charts.  This site has nearly anything you can think of with countless variations of spine and vertebrae models.

Want a small and affordable desk-sized spine model? They have it.  Want a deluxe muscled spine model? They have those too. How about a color coded and muscled spine model with disorders?  You betcha! Want a spine with a rib cage? How about a complete skeletal torso? You get the idea. This place has it all.

Have something a little more specialized in mind? They have some awesome cervical spine models, including life size and oversize atlas/axis models perfect for upper cervical doctors.   You can also find spinal degeneration models and models explaining osteoporosis and disc herniation.  I also noticed some very interesting, and large, spinal cord models.

In the market for some anatomical wall charts for your Chiropractic practice? They have loads of those too.  You simply can’t beat their amazing prices. At the time I wrote this article they boast several Chiropractic relevant wall charts for only $7.95!

If you can’t tell, I am pretty impressed with this site. It is much better than some of the anatomical model and chart companies I have dealt with in the past.  I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.  I’ll wrap things up by providing my handy breakdown and summary.

What’s Hot:

  • Tons of products
  • Amazingly low prices on many items. Many choices under 50 bucks.
  • Free or affordable shipping options
  • Ties, T-shirts, Keychains and other great gifts.
  • Many of their products are Made in the USA
  • Shopping by price, category, and profession
  • 128-bit secure server for safe ordering
  • Order by faxing purchase order
  • Gift cards
  • Powerful store search function
  • Discounts on large orders
  • Clear and easy site design that’s easy to navigate and use

What’s Not:

  • Tons of choices (I want 2/3 of their inventory!!!)
  • No print catalog (but if it helps keep overhead and prices low, who cares?)
  • I could get myself into trouble by ordering too many things!
  • I wish I would have known about this site when I was a Chiropractic student or BEFORE I purchased spine models for my Chiropractic practice!

10 Products you Can’t Miss

Although you definitely need to spend an hour or so browsing this site, I wanted to share 1o of my favorite products.

  1. Vertebral Simulator: Lumbar Disc Herniation Model – This nifty little model demonstrates the process of disc herniation in one of the best ways I’ve seen yet.  A exclusive.
  2. Understanding Low Back Pain Chart: An attractive and extremely affordable chart explaining many concepts and topics about low back pain.  A ton of information on an attractive chart wall chart.
  3. Lifesize Atlas/Axis model: A handy model for any doctor and under $20 at the time of this writing!
  4. Oversize Atlas/Axis/Occiput model: A larger than life version perfect for an upper cervical practice!
  5. Exploring the Spine 3D Anatomy CD-Rom: A great way for the modern Chiropractor to educate patients. This computer CD-Rom is also priced below the retail price of most other sources.
  6. Spine X-Ray Tie: A very cool neck tie featuring an image of a full spine a-p x-ray. 100% silk and an Awesome Chiropractic gift!
  7. Spine Anatomical T-Shirt: Spine anatomical chart T-shirt that would make a great affordable Chiropractic gift.
  8. Muscled Cervical Spine Model: A beautiful muscled cervical spine model on a walnut base.
  9. Osteoporosis of the Spine Model: A spine section mounted on a base showing details of osteoporosis.
  10. Spinal Nerve Function Chart: A more colorful and modern version of the meric type chart listing spinal nerves and related organs and potential dysfunction.


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