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Last night I experienced something I very rarely have the pleasure of experiencing: free time. My son decided he was tired and wanted to go to bed early (an even less common occurrence around here). I decided to seize the moment and start some online Christmas shopping. Yes I know it’s not even October yet but the truth is I just won’t have many opportunities to shop between now and the Holiday season.

Being a single dad with a busy schedule means I don’t have the luxury of browsing through brick and mortar stores without my son with me very often. That’s why I do the huge majority of my holiday shopping online.

My son has become a HUGE Star Wars fan so I decided to visit a site I haven’t visited in a few months:  I first discovered this site a few years ago because I’m a bit of a computer and tech nerd. Big surprise there right? On my first visit I was surprised to learn this site offers much more than computer hardware and accessories. They have all kinds of cool prank and witty novelty gifts. They have also recently started carrying all kinds of unique and harder to find Star Wars gifts. They are also now producing their own zany and original products.  If you have an intelligent slightly geeky person in your life with a wicked sense of humor, then is definitely a great site to shop!

I know what you are thinking. “What the HELL does this have to do with Chiropractic?” Well stick with me because while I was browsing their site I came across some pretty cool gifts that really struck my funny bone as a Doctor of Chiropractic with a good sense of humor.

One of the first items I stumbled across were “Microbe plushies”. These cute and cuddly plush stuffed animals represent many common germs and microbes.

Now whether or not you, as a Doctor of Chiropractic, subscribe to the germ theory isn’t my concern. Regardless of your stance, giving someone herpes or varicella has never been funny . . . until now! I was pretty blown away with the huge selection they have. These aren’t just your typical common microbes. You have to check out the amazing selection for yourself.

If giving that special someone in your life a nasty microbe isn’t your cup of tea then maybe you could simply pick up a neuron plushie instead! While not for everyone, these plushies definitely got my attention and are worth checking out for a good laugh.

Giant Plush Microbes

Giant Plush Microbes - We infectz u!

I also came across a cool new version of something I currently use in my Chiropractic practice: the Dynaflex Powerball Gyroscope. For those of you who don’t know, the Dynaflex powerball is basically a handheld gyroscope. The inside of the ball spins at high revolutions and creates a very dynamic rehab tool that is very effective for treating conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. At higher speeds the ball is challenging to hold on to and actually makes for a great wrist and forearm workout. This never version lights up in a cool blue LED glow. The best part? It does NOT require any batteries!

Dynaflex Powerball Gyroscope

I also discovered a couple of books I thought were very cool. One is entitled
The Complete Manual of Things that Might Kill You
: A Guide to Self-Diagnosis for Hypochondriacs.

The Complete Manual of Things that Might Kill You
This humorous book appears to be a guide to inducing panic in hypochondriacs by describing various events and activities that might kill you. I’m still desperately trying to resist the urge to buy this and place it on the coffee table in my reception area. Although most of my patients get my sense of humor, I fear some still might be offended.

The other book is entitled,  Why There’s Antifreeze in your Toothpaste: The Chemistry of Household Ingredients.

Why There's Antifreeze in your Toothpaste

This book aims to demystify common myths and misconceptions regarding common household chemicals and explains the use and purpose of many chemicals contained in many household chemicals and products.

The last product I want to mention is something that could be of benefit to all of us and our Chiropractic patients. It’s a little gadget called the UV monkey.

UV Monkey
The UV Monkey is a nifty little device to measure levels of Ultraviolet light exposure. When it is exposed to sunlight, the center of the device will turn to a purple color. The differening shades of purple indicate increasing levels of UV light with the darker shades equating to the means highest level of UV exosure. The UV Monkey is capable of indicating 4 different ranges of the UV Index (Index 1-2, Index 3-5, Index 6-8, Index 9-11). What a great way to protect your skin and your health!

There are plenty of other very cool gifts and products available on this site. These were simply the Chiropractic relevant ones that jumped out at me during my visit.  I personally love the site and recommend checking it out since it pretty much has products for everyone. If you have some intelligent friends and relatives with a different sense of humor then is a great place to shop for gifts.


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