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    This page is simply a list of links of interest, including many free or affordable resources we recommend to help you market your Chiropractic practice via the internet. We’ll also use this page to recommend anything we’ve come across that will help save you time and money with the daily activities of your practice. If we’ve found something that makes your life as a Doctor of Chiropractic easier…we’ll tell you about it!

    Chiropractic Business and Marketing Secrets Revealed!

    Two books, audiobooks, and a bonus report teaching Chiropractic business success principles.

    Chiropractic Business and Marketing Secrets Revealed:
    Grab the Chiropractic “ultra success pack” today and get instant access to a plethora of information aimed to help you succeed in Chiropractic.  With your purchase you can instantly download 2 books, bonus audiobooks, a bonus report and more for the low price of $150.00! It even comes with a 60 day money back guarantee!  This offer is ideal for Chiropractic students, new doctors, or even seasoned Doctors of Chiropractic who are either struggling or just longing to take their Chiropractic practice to the next level.

    Check out some of the great deals on Chiropractic items available on! has tons of Chiropractic reference texts, Chiropractic gifts, and more. is also a great source for non-chiropractic related electronics, gifts and pretty much anything else you might be shopping for. Use the form below to search’s amazing inventory:

    Free Stuff An amazing site to help you launch HTML Chiropractic Email marketing campaign. Free as long as long as you maintain a list of 500 recipients or less and send 3,000 or less emails a month. Very low for the typical practice after that point. offers a FREE suite of programs that is extremely similar to Microsoft Office. has a free alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Their suite of programs even features cross compatibility with Microsoft’s Office, so a document written in one will work in the other! A great alternative for new Chiropractic practices or the Chiropractic practice on a budget. Hootsuite: Hootsuite is an awesome application to help you manage Twitter and other Social Media accounts. Creating your own columns of Twitter feeds helps you monitor topics of interest. Their unique tabbed layout, URL shrinker, and tweet scheduling are extremely useful for the chiropractor managing multiple Twitter accounts. HootSuite can be used free and easily via the web based interface or choose from a variety of other options. There are even Android and Iphone Hootsuite apps as well as a variety of desktop options and web browser plugins and add-ons. Whichever option you choose you’ll find Hootsuite to be a valuable asset to your Chiropractic Internet Marketing toolbox!

    WordPress Themes:

    If you’re running a self hosted WordPress blog you’ll no doubt be needing a theme to both make your site or blog look great and to help it be found in search results. Here are are some free and paid options we personally use and recommend! Free: The SnowBlind theme from and Juan Gordillo is a great free WordPress theme. It has a clean, modern look and it’s packed full of widgets and features to meet the needs of any blogger. Features SEO optimization, Twitter integration and it’s VERY easy to work with. also has a ton of great paid premium WordPress templates. Paid Premium Themes:

    How smart is your Theme?  How good is your support? Check out ThesisTheme for WordPress.

    Thesis: If you are serious about getting your Chiropractic blog or site the attention it deserves by being found in internet search results, the Thesis theme from DIYthemes, LLC is where to start. The Thesis theme is the by far the most popular and effective WordPress theme available at the current time. It has options and customization possibilities galore. It’s ease of use, great support, and search engine optimization friendliness are just three more reasons to be using this the

    Themes by Themes by is an awesome site that offers fantastic free and paid premium WordPress themes. We can speak from experience that these themes are clean, modern, VERY easy to use and are backed by fantastic support.

    Click here to visit Themes by

    Website Design Tools and More:

    Click Here for CoffeeCup Website Design Software

    Looking to build your own chiropractic website?Looking for affordable and easy to use software without a steep learning curve? We can speak from experience, CoffeeCup will help you get the job done. We’ve built many sites with their software because it makes the process so easy for web design rookies and pros alike. They offer free fully functional trial periods, instant download, and free lifetime upgrades on their products! Their unbeatable prices and amazing support staff are just the icing on the cake. Check out their great tools and get started with building your own website today!

    Chiropractic Email Marketing

    Looking to contact potential patients as well as stay in touch with existing patients? Email marketing might be the answer! Here a few good email marketing sites we can recommend to help get you started. Their Forever Free plan is a great way to get started with your chiropractic email marketing. Manage up to 500 email subscribers and send up t0 3,000 emails a month totally free! has unbeatable features and it’s all amazingly simple to learn.

    Grow your business with email marketing!

    Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact

    Email Marketing for Small Business

    Infusionsoft Free Trial

    Chiropractic WebSite Hosting

    Whether you’re building your own Chiropractic website or paying someone else to do it, you’ll need affordable and reliable web hosting. Check out our recommendations below! Web Hosting LunarPages: We can’t say enough good things about LunarPages. We use them for all of our webhosting needs. Our personal, practice, and business websites are all hosted with LunarPages. With our years of experience with LunarPages we’ve never had a single problem! If you need reliable and affordable hosting for your website look no further. We hear they have excellent service but I can’t say for sure since we’ve never needed to contact their support staff after the initial sign up! Their basic hosting plan will meet the needs of most Chiropractic practices. Check them out at:

    Other hosting recommendations:

    Sale! $ at Go Daddy 125x125

    Chiropractic Printing, Office Supplies & More:

    FREE SHIPPING & 25% Off Sitewide!

    Vistaprint offers an astonishing range of services. Whether you need Chiropractic business cards, signage, stationary, letterhead, logo design, promotional items or even an extremely affordable 1-800 telephone number, Vistaprint can deliver.

    They offer free personalized samples of many of their products and you can try nearly all of their services absolutely free for 30 days. We’re happy Vistaprint customers and actually posted a review of their site on our blog. Check our review out here are click one of the banners above or below to go directly to their site.

    Buy More. Save More at Vistaprint!

    Chiropractic Tables, Equipment, and Supplies  Affordable Cold Laser Equipment Looking for affordable cold laser equipment for your chiropractic practice? Look no further! Dr. James personally uses cold laser equipment from in his practice. They offer affordable and effective cold laser equipment. We like them so much we even designed our cold laser marketing and patient education PowerPoint and DVD around their equipment! Shop their catalog at:

    180x150 MedEx Medical Supplies: Exam room equipment, x-ray film and chemicals, and more! Right now you can Save 10% Off Any Purchase! Use Coupon Code: A20100610.

    HealioHealth: Massage products, Accupuncture supplies, TENS units, Supports, and other Chiropractic related equipment and supplies at great prices. This awesome site offers a huge selection of anatomical models including spine models, disarticulated spines, vertebrae models and much more. They also have some very cool anatomical charts. Great products at great prices! Click Here to see their some of their awesome spine and vertebrae products.

    Nutrition and Supplements

    Healthy Directions - Quality Supplements

    Herbal Supplements & Vitamins Superstore

    Botanic Choice Natural Herbal Remedies Since 1910

    Press Release Sites – Press release service with results. offers a variety of useful press release submission services. Take advantage of their basic unpaid press release service or step up to one of their great paid packages and receive better visibility, promotion, approval time and support of your Chiropractic press release. This site has something for every budget with current options at $0.00, $49.00, $89.00, $139.00, and $369.00.

    Chiropractic E-books, Marketing Programs Etc.

    Done By Hand – The Blueprint to Chiropractic Blogging Success: This e-book is from Doctor of Chiropractic, and WordPress Chiropractic blogging expert, Dr. Brandon Harshe. This is no light weight e-book either! It is 82 information-packed pages designed to walk you through every step of the Chiropractic blogging process: from setup to maintenance and promotion. The ridiculously low price of $20.00 is a small price to pay for an ebook sure to jump start your chiropractic blogging success! Click here to view more details


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