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Relax the Back: Solutions for Back Pain

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Once again (thanks to  the internet and our ever growing network of friends, clients, and colleagues) I was introduced to another back pain related site I never knew existed.  An associate recommended I check out Relaxtheback.com.

Let me clarify a few things.  Although new to me, Relax the Back is nothing new.  Since I am in the Midwest I’d actually never heard of them, but they’ve been around since 1984 and have over 100 stores in the U.S. and Canada. Unfortunately the closest store is about 70 miles north of my home in a town I’ve only been to twice. Just thought I’d point out I haven’t been living under a rock. . . well ok maybe a small one.

Relax the Back is dedicated to helping their customers treat and prevent back and neck pain. They provide a wide variety of products, posture supports, and self care solutions to help them achieve this goal.

Their website offers 7 main categories. These categories are an interesting blend of products such as ergonomic workplace seating and accessories, recliners, mattresses and pillows, massagers, zero gravity recliners, self help books, Dvds, inversion tables and more.  According to their website their physical store sales associates go through rigorous training in areas such as posture and ergonomics in order to gain the knowledge needed to  best serve their customers.

According to their website Relax the Back has experience working in harmony with many Medical and Health Care practitioners.  Overall I like their co-care approach and patient self-help philosophy. Rather than advocating their clients use their products as an alternative to professional healthcare they advocate a symbiotic relationship.  They also do a great job of advocating the fact that there is more to your healthcare than the treatment you receive in a Chiropractor’s or other provider’s office. Patients need to realize they can take a proactive approach and protect their spines while they are at rest and this site does a wonderful job of driving this point home.

Since I’ve never set foot in a Relax the Back store I’m planning on taking a short road trip up north this weekend with my son to check out their nearest location.  I’ll try and post an update when I do.

Even though there isn’t a physical store within about 60 miles of my Chiropractic practice I plan on picking up and/or ordering some copies of their print catalog to keep around the office. I’m sure many of my patients would like the idea of ordering some of their unique products online. I like to provide my patients with alternatives to the products I carry in my practice as well as a way to easily shop for large products I can’t stock.   Relaxtheback.com is a perfect fit for those purposes.

All in all I really like their site.  Check out my quick summary of my likes and dislikes below.  As I’ve done before I wanted to point out some interesting products I found in my visit to their site.

What’s Hot:

  • Physical store locations with trained employees
  • Print catalog
  • Unique product offerings
  • Ergonomic work stations and office chairs
  • Zero gravity recliners
  • Live chat available online
  • A very non-cluttered and easy to use site. All products are grouped into 7 manageable categories.
  • Gift cards available
  • A price match guarantee policy
  • Back and Neck Health information provided by SpineUniverse.com

What’s Not:

  • No stores close enough to my Chiropractic practice!
  • Free Shipping provided on orders over $300. (I’d like to see free shipping offered at a slightly lower purchase price).

As promised here are just a few of many products from their site that I was drooling over:

  • iJoy Board (SKU# MAIH161): This thing is pretty awesome and I may just end up picking one up for my home and office.  This motorized board helps build core strength, coordination, and stability. Simply grab the infrared remote and hop on the board. Try to maintain your balance while it simulates the motions of surfboards, skateboards, or snowboards in action.  The iJoy features variable speeds and difficulty and pre-programmed 15 minute run times. What a fun alternative to your Chiropractic practice’s wobble board!
  • Inversion Tables: They currently offer three inversion tables and I can’t pick just one!
  • Zero Gravity Recliners: They have tons of these recliners and I’m having a tough time picking just one!
  • Outdoor Zero Gravity Recliners: Relax in comfort outdoors!
  • Lumbar Extender Plus (SKU# SMCI002): A nifty new revision of the standard lumbar extender featuring a “trigger point massage top”. An affordable way to restore and maintain lumbar curve and prevent low back pain.

Relax The Back Logo Banner 120x60