Chiropractic Press Release and Submission: Basic

Chiropractic Press Release and Submission: Basic Image

Having a well written Chirrpactic press release is half the battle. You have to submit the press release online and to your local media for it to be of any use.

Although this isn't extremely difficult, it is time consuming. You have to know the proper format, who to submit the release to, which sites to submit to, and more. In addition, the press release has to be changed and edited to fit the specific requierments of each individual press release submission site. Most practicing chiropractic practices simply don't have this kind of free time.

Sure you could take time away from your family and friends to do this yourself, but why would you when we can do it all for you.

After writing your Chiropractic press release to your approval we'll submit it to local media outlets of your choice. Up to 10 local newspapers! We'll also submit the release to several free press release sites. Within days your press release will be live and showing up in search results of local patients looking for chiropractic services!

We don't stop there. We know writing and publishing a Chiropractic press release is still only 2/3 of the job. Promoting the press release and driving internet traffic to view it are the real work. Don't sweat it because we can handle it all for you. We'll promote your release via our social networking accounts. We'll send local minded visitors from our twitter, facebook, and other social media accounts and promote your release for at least 30 days! All of this will result in increased awareness of your Chirorpactic practice, and more visitors to your practice's website if you have one. Those all equate to new chiropractic patients!

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