Premium Chiropractic Press Release and Promotion

Premium Chiropractic Press Release and Promotion Image

Our higher end Chiropractic Press Release submission and promotion service. For this one reasonable fee we will write your Chiropractic press release to your approval and offer premium submission and promotion services that expand above and beyond our basic submission and promotion service.

We'll submit your release to more sites, and even issue your release as a paid premium press release on sites to boost the effectiveness of your release.

We'll also promote your release heavily and ethically via our social networking sites and other venues for no less than 60 days. Our premium press release writing, submission, and promotion service will send more traffic to your your practice's website and your practice doorstep.

If you're looking for even more press release marketing clout simply contact us. We have a variety of additional premium services available. We also have block pricing, as well as monthly and yearly Chiropractic press release pricing plans to save you money!

List Price:$199.99
Your Price:$149.99 (You save 25.00%)