3 Premium Chiropractic Press Releases

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Looking to take advantage of the benefits of Chiropractic press release marketing? Issuing regular internet press releases is a fantastic way to promote your chirorpactic practice, increase community awareness, establish yourself as an authority in your community, and to boost your internet search result position.

If you plan on having us issue and promote more than one chiropractic press release you can save big by purchasing a block of three units for our premium services.

Simply checkout as you normally would. After providing your practice information and contact information simply provide a topic for the first release. The remaining 2 releases never expire and can be used at any time. Simply
email us when you're ready to issue another press release and within 2 weeks we'll have a release written and ready for submission and promotion.

You'll receive the identical press release writing and promotion services you would by buying our paid premium service for each of the three releases, you'll just be paying less for each one!

List Price:$599.97
Your Price:$359.98 (You save 40.00%)