3 Basic Chiropractic Press Releases and Promotion

3 Basic Chiropractic Press Releases and Promotion Image

Looking to take full advantage of affordable chiropractic press release marketing? We make it even affordable by allowing you to pre-purchase blocks of our basic chiropractic press release writing and promotion service.

For each of the press releases you'll get all of the same services as you would by purchasing a single basic press release service, you'll just pay less each time!

The process is simple. Simply add this product listing to your cart and checkout as you normally would. When your ready to issue your first release simply
email us your practice information and the topic for the release and we'll take it from there.

The 3 press releases can be used one at a time, or all at once. Simply
email us with the info above when you're ready to issue each release and we'll soon have your chiropractic press release written and ready to submit and promote after your approval. Since our workload varies greatly, we just ask that you allow up to two weeks for each pre-paid release to be completed.

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