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We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you effectively market your
Chiropractic practice via social media sites.

Chiropractic Internet Marketing Services:
We have the experience and expertise to help you market your chiropractic practice via the internet.
Whether you just need a little advice, or need us to manage all of your chiropractic internet marketing, we
can assist you with your chiropractic internet marketing needs.

What role does the internet have in Chiropractic marketing?
Social media and marketing via the internet are the future of chiropractic marketing. Gone are the old days of passively marketing to potential patients.
Postcards, phone books, and display ads no longer cut it. Today's Doctor of Chiropractic needs to actively engage members of his community in a
non-threating way using media they are comfortable with.

The vast majority of my new patients (I estimate about 70 to 80%) find out about my practice via the internet. These same patients also use the internet to
find out more about me, my practice, and chiropractic in general. It is our opinion that any new chiropractic practice has to have an online prescence to
compete and succeed in the chiropractic profession. Established chiropractic practices should have an online presence to maintain their practice growth
over time.

How can ChiropracticPR.com help?
We offer a wide range of tools to assist you with your chiropractic internet marketing needs. Wading through the endless chiropractic marketing
opportunities available via the internet can be a daunting task. ChiropracticPR.com can help. From low cost advice and consultation to full management of
your chiropractic internet advertising needs, we have the solution for your needs and budget.

Here are a few examples of our chiropractic internet marketing services:

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and practice promotion!
- Setup, Design, and Management of your Chiropractic Blog

- Internet Content Creation: We can author or "ghost write"
your blog posts, website content, article posts, newsletters,
and more!

- Setup and Management of your Pay Per Click advertising

- Search Engine Optimization: Boost your website's position
and ranking in internet search results.

- Submission of your Chiropractic practice to multiple
Chiropractic, and other healthcare provider directories.

- Setup and management of your chiropractic email marketing
and newsletter accounts.

- Assistance with getting your Chiropractic practice listed on
Google Maps and other local search results.

- And Much More!