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About Dr. James
Doctor James is a Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate actively engaged in practice (although now only part time due to the demands of the constantly
growing web based business demands).

He is a single father who enjoys spending time with his son and travelling when he's not treating patients, creating affordable patient education, designing a chiropractic website, or creating unique and affordable chiropractic art.
Before discovering Chiropractic, Doctor James was actually headed for a career in writing. He explains how he fell into and his other side projects:
"I was actually heading for a career in writing before heading to chiropractic college. In fact I remember an outspoken Advanced English Composition
professor in my undergraduate work who was quite upset that I was going to 'waste' what he believed was great creativity and talent for writing with a careerin health care. I've always had this artistic and creative side begging to come out. It's not necessarily something that I can express within the day to day activities of a Chiropractic practice.

After graduating from chiropractic college I opened my own practice and was soon disgusted with the high prices on EVERYTHING. The cost of equipment
is bad enough, but when you factor in the insane prices some companies charge for Chiropractic patient education, Chiropractic posters and artwork, and
Chiropractic website design it's pretty disgusting. Out of necessity, and the fact that I had some free time as a new DC, I began creating my own patient
education, art and more. I've always been obsessed with computers, graphic design and the internet. I've designed many personal and professional
websites on the side since the mid 1990s, so creating my own chiropractic logo and website was the obvious next step.

Everything I've done has been so effective I soon had friends and chiropractic colleagues ask me to do the same for them. It soon became apparent I could combine my creative side with my love for our chiropractic profession. So long story short I get to write, create, and play with expensive computer stuff all while practicing Chiropractic. I also have the unique opportunity to give back to the Chirorpactic profession by offering products and services without
gouging the profession with our prices. It's a win win for everyone involved!"

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