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We have the knowledge, experience, and tools to help you effectively market your
Chiropractic practice via social media sites.

What are social media sites?
Social media sites are basically sites that promote the spread of information through social interaction
on the internet.

Examples of social media websites include the popular sites Twitter, Myspace, and Facebook.

What role does social media have in Chiropractic marketing?
Social media is the future of chiropractic marketing. Gone are the days of passively marketing to potential patients. Postcards, phone books, and display
ads no longer cut it. Today's Doctor of Chiropractic needs to engage members of his community in a non-threating way using media they are comfortable

Social media sites provide a very low cost way to reach potential and existing patients and to brand your Chiropractic practice within your community.

There is nothing very difficult with social media marketing. The main drawback is it takes a great deal of time. Learning the ropes, setting up accounts,
designing layouts and creating and updating original content on a frequent basis is beyond the means of most chiropractic practices.

How can help?
We offer a wide range of tools to assist you with your Chiropractic social media marketing needs. From simple account creation, setup and orientation, to
our total social media marketing services we can do it all.

For example: Want to set up a Twitter account for your chiropractic practice? We can set up your account, design a layout and let you take it from there.
Another alternative is to have us fully manage the campaign after account creation and setup. We can write your tweets and even promote them with
Re-Tweets and bookmarking and much more.

We offer very affordable rates for any chiropractic marketing budget. Choose from single job rates, monthly subscription services, or annual pricing plans.

Have something specific in mind? Simply contact us with your needs and the budget you had in mind.

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