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What is a press release?:
A press release is simply an official and formal "announcement" businesses and other
organizations use to spread the word about any newsworthy event.

How can a press release help me promote my chiropractic practice?:
A press release can get your chiropractic practice, and your name, exposure.
In the past a Chiropractic press release was good for little except possibly getting a story
or feature article in your local newspaper. With the power of the internet those days are long gone! A press release can now do so much more for your

A well written and properly done press release can boost the search result ranking of your practice's website, drive potential patients to your practice
website and have your practice appearing toward the top of search results whenever someone searches online for a local chiropractor.

A press release can help brand your chiropractic practice as something special. When a potential or existing patient sees numerous press releases for
events and announcements pertaining to your practice, you begin to stand out as an expert in your field.

In our opinion the Chiropractic press release is one of the most overlooked chiropractic marketing opportunities. Aside from a website or blog, there simply
isn't something that delivers as much bang for your chiropractic advertising buck.

When should I issue a press release?:
You should issue a press release whenever something notable or newsworthy happens in your career or within your practice. If it's something you would
like potential or existing patients to know about, chances are you should issue a chiropractic press release. Did you just finish a continuing education
seminar? Are you celebrating a practice anniversary? Did you acquire a new piece of equipment? Learn a new adjusting technique? Did you join a new
insurance network? These are just a few examples.

How can ChiropracticPR.com help?
We offer a wide range of tools to assist you with your Chiropractic practice press release needs. We can simply write your press release copy for you or
we can launch an all out chiropractic press release marketing campaign. We can submit your press release to your local media and in dozens of locations
online. Have us submit only to free sites or elect to issue paid releases for the most dramatic effect. We're even available for online consultations to help
you with your press release efforts.

With our full press release service we handle everything and all you need to do is give us the topic, your practice information and approve the final press
release content. After we issue your press release online we don't stop there. We continue to promote your press release and your practice via social
networking, news articles and more!

We offer very affordable rates for any chiropractic marketing budget. Choose from single press release rates, monthly press release subscription services,
or annual pricing plans.

Have something specific in mind? Simply contact us with your needs and the budget you had in mind.

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